Good Quality & Good Services

The entire production procedure is in accordance with ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 and ROHS Standard. The strict quality check for raw materials, processing and final product to guarantee the superior product quality. The professional and fast sales response as well as shippment to ensure the biggest satisfaction from overseas customers.

Strong R&D Capability

We can customize the new items based on your special requirement as well as providing the full set of technical resolutions.

Full Product Lines

We focus on the manufacturing of Black Masterbatch, Carrier Free Black Masterbatch, PVC Black Slurry which is used for the Coloring of Calendering Film in Cable Industry and Artificial Leather Industry. We can also supply the White Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch, Effect Masterbatch such as Filler Masterbatch, Flame Retardant Masterbatch, Biodegradable Masterbatch, Metallic Masterbatch etc. Any Coloring Materials in the Plastic Rubber Field, we can help and supply that to you.

Large Production Capacity

As for the Black / White / Color Masterbatch, 2000 Tons Per Month. As for the Carrier Free Masterbatch / Effect Masterbatch, 1000 Tons Per Month. As for the PVC Black Slurry / Carbon Black, 500 Tons Per Month.