Company Profile
LiHui is a professional manufacturer in the plastic rubber coloring chemical industry. We have 7 product lines : Black Masterbatch / White Masterbatch / Color Masterbatch / Carrier Free Masterbatch / Carbon Black and Color Pigment / PVC Black Slurry / Effect Masterbatch such as Filler Masterbatch, Flame Retardant Masterbatch, Biodegradable Masterbatch, Metallic Masterbatch etc. All 7 product lines are widely used in the Coloring of Plastic Injection / Plastic Extrusion / Blow Molding / Blown Film / Calendering Film / Wire Drawing / Plastic Recycling Manufacturing etc.

Black Series Masterbatches are our biggest advantage items.We are also one of only 5 companies in China making the PVC Black Slurry which is used for the Coloring of Calendering Film in Cable Industry and Artifiicial Leather Industry. Our product rankings include Industrial Grade / Food Grade and covering Black / White / All the other different Colors. Customizing is acceptable. The Supplying Capacity of Black / White / Color Masterbatch reaches 2000 tons per month. The Supplying Capacity of Carrier Free Masterbatch / Effect Masterbatch reaches 1000 tons per month. The Supplying Capacity of PVC Black Slurry / Carbon Black and Color Pigment reaches 500 tons per month. Until now LiHui has 2 companies, 3 factories, 100 personnels, the annual sales revenue reaches USD20 Million in 2022.
Company Environment